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Ross & Kammi


We could fill this bio section with a lot of boring information about our award winning photography, how experienced we are, or our professional credentials. Let’s just say we have won some (keep flipping and we’ll show you a few), shot together for over 12 years, and as full time professional photographers, we have a ton of gear (including back up). Hopefully you have enjoyed pursuing our work and that’s why you are still reading.

ROSS + KAMMI: You know the saying goes “opposites attract” and that is true for us. We met at Florida State University, our first date was a U2 concert(1997). Ross knew with in 10 dates that Kammi was the one he would marry.

US: Ross likes his Rock & Roll, while Kammi prefers anything but. Kammi sees life in black and white, while Ross is pretty much grey and a dreamer. Ross likes his tech toys, and Kammi doesn’t like to shop. We work together, play together, and have three children together.

I guess it goes without saying that we love photographs. We have the best job imaginable. We get to combine a few of our passions - photography, love, playfulness, humor - and be part of one of the biggest days of your life.

We welcome the opportunity to meet you and learn about you and your unique event.

Yours, Ross & Kammi Bothwell






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